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Company Trip

A company trip is a journey to a destination for work purposes or team building, business trip etc

Individual Trip

A Trip/travel who taken by one person or a couple

Hobby Trip

a trip/ travel who taken by tourist based on their hobby such as Beauty, Food, etc

Accommodation Transport

Find your needs for Hotel, Flight Ticket, Shuttle Bus, Rent Car, etc

Document Travel Insurance

provides coverage for unexpected events that can go wrong before or during your trip, and documents requirement for travel such as Visa, Passport, etc


Meeting, Incentive, Conferences Exhibition , we help to arrange your event, meeting, venue etc

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All You Need Is Here

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You should choose us because we provide accommodation and weh have sorted all the hotels here best on their quality.

We provide the best choice for you

We always prioritize customer comfort and satisfication. That’s why we only accept the best hotel.

Low price with the best quality

Altough the price tends to be cheaper but it will not affect the quality service, so don’t worry.

Can refund up to 100%

Don’t worry if suddenly you have a problem and want to do a refund with Parama you can get a full refund

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We have been working with some Fortune 100+ partner

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We have been working with some Fortune 100+ Clients

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